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Starting the 30-day Paleo Challenge | Paleo Challenge

Starting the 30-day Paleo Challenge

When you decide to begin with 30 day paleo challenge ask for the support of your friends and family. Tell them what you’re up to and the reason! No matter if you’re doing it to lose weight or to improve your health.

Paleo Challenge

Explain the rules, logic and rationale of the paleo diet and the 30-day paleo challenge and share your success with them. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to put the complete household on the eating plan, and many of the meals you’ll be consuming through the paleo challenge are not very different from the kinds of food you ate in the past.

It’s good to include bread, rolls, potatoes with your family meals and allow them a choice of eating those food products. In the majority of public settings, unless you call it to their attention, most people won’t even realise that what you eat has changed. Until they notice your weight loss! :) … or increased energy level and improvement in overall health!

Once they see the beneficial changes you’re going through maybe they would like to join you.

Start 30-day paleo challenge today!

It’s time for a change! Now is the right time to start your 30 day paleo challenge:

Good luck!


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