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Paleo Challenge

The Paleo Diet Recipes

From numerous surveys, it has proven that one out of three Americans is suffering from obesity. There are varieties of reasons related to this issue but the key reason is nothing but improper food habit. Almost all Americans having obesity want to have quick meals those are available at low prices. They typically take many fast foods and processed foods that are full of fats as well as preservatives.

Since these fast foods and processed foods are available in all restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and bars around you, you are taking them easily and at low price, but have you ever thought about the output of these foods? Fats, preservatives and colors used in these foods do nothing in favor of your body but they do damage every branch of your body day after day. If you are trying to stay away from such harsh nuisance, read the post that is all about the benefits of having the paleo diet recipes.

Items of Paleo Recipes

The paleo diet recipes include several items such as organic fruits and vegetables, seafood, omega-3-enriched eggs, tomatoes, coconut milk, green chilies, grass-fed beef, and pastured lamb and hogs and so on those are greatly needed to lose extra fats and to stop having extra fats. All the mentioned items are rich in high fiber. Aside the weight loss function, paleo recipes do help to avoid constipation and lower cholesterol. Paleo recipes can lower the risk of coronary diseases and diabetes as well.

Paleo Recipe Ideas

If you are preparing paleo recipes, you should think about the following paleo recipe ideas:

  • Varieties of foods can be used in paleo diet recipes but several foods are not allowed. All types of fruits and vegetables contain plenty of fiber so you should give priority to vegetables and fruits. Meat, the base of the hunter-gatherer foods is widely used in paleo diet recipes. Any cut of meat is prescribed such as free-range poultry, pastured lamb and hogs, and grass-fed beef but you should avoid any types of processed meats such as hot dogs, cold cuts, and sausages. Grass-fed beef is highly recommended, as it is leaner and more nourishing. While preparing paleo recipes using meats, cook only the meats without much-added fat. No deep fat frying is needed, just fry over high heat with slight oil.
  • Some canned items such as tomatoes (diced or paste), diced green chilies, and coconut milk can be used but you should use them without adding further ingredients. Use seafood and eggs as much as necessary but put main concern to wild-caught seafood and eggs that contain omega-3. Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is essential for human body, as it helps in natural metabolism.
  • If you feel boring to take many organic or free-range items continuously, take what are the best suited to your body just avoiding grains and processed foods that are liable for gaining extra fats.
  • Paleo diet recipes are preferred very much because of flexibility of adding various typed food items. There are countless options of paleo diet ideas. Therefore, eating paleo diet will not be boring or tasteless to you. By changing or adding any item, you can create a brand new recipe effortlessly. That is why it seems always new to your kids and family.
  • In order to preserve your physical health as well as mental health you have to count calories available in your diet, especially when you are experiencing over weight, diabetes and high cholesterol problems. However, surprisingly, you need not to estimate calories while preparing a paleo meal. Just make sure that you are taking high fiber-rich vegetables and fruits containing protein as much as necessary amount. Even though fats are very harmful to fatty people and those who are in coronary diseases and heart problems, they can include some ideal fats into their paleo diet recipes.
  • Be creative to make paleo recipes as your own requirements, as every individual is in different demands. The paleo recipes are supposed to have numerous benefits; you may make a chat with your doctor prior having them.

Paleo Diet 101

Everywhere you look, you’ll find foods loaded with preservatives, fillers, chemicals and other substances. Even though they may taste good, these additives are not only unnatural, but they’re detrimental to our waistline.

With each additive and preservative that you put into your body, you’re wreaking havoc on your natural metabolic system, making it difficult for your body to maintain a healthy body weight. In order to permanently lose weight you must create an environment for your body to thrive. And, in order to do this you must feed your body correctly. It’s not about limiting your caloric intake – in fact, if you’re eating correctly, you won’t have to ever count calories again.

With the Paleo Diet, you give your body the tools it needs to create a healthy body. In addition to ridding the body of preservatives, chemicals, and other additives, the Paleo diet also changes up your daily consumption.

The Food and Drug Administration has, for years, touted that a person needs 60 percent of their diet made up of grains. The Paleo Diet, however, recognizes that throughout history, mankind hasn’t had wide access to grains. In fact, the human diet has been mostly made up of fruits, vegetables, and meats – and not so much grains.

Let’s face it – our stomachs aren’t designed to properly digest grains. Therefore, limit your consumption of grains, and instead get your carbohydrates into your system through vegetables – a common form of nutrients for humans for millennia.



In addition to limiting the grain, when you’re on the Paleo Diet you’ll also limit your dairy intake. As you’re probably aware, most of the world is lactose intolerant in some form. If you think about it, no animal on the planet drinks milk past childhood… so why would we? Our bodies aren’t designed for dairy consumption, so by limiting the dairy intake you’re allowing your body to do the work it was designed to do – without making it work overtime by making it digest food that doesn’t work with your system.

Now that you’ve cut out all the things in your diet that is hard on your body – preservatives, grains, additives, and other chemicals, you’ll be able eat the way your body is designed to. And, by eating what your body is designed to eat, you’ll be able to eat frequently and until you’re totally full. You can eat practically all you want, whenever you want, without worrying about gaining weight or ruining your diet.

As you can see, with the paleo diet, you’ll be free from the confines of a typical diet. By limiting your intake of chemicals, preservatives, additives, you’ll ensure that you’re only giving your body natural nutrients. In addition, when you limit your intake of grains and dairy, your body will be able to easily digest the foods you put into your body. When you do these things, your body’s metabolism will increase dramatically, allowing you to stop counting calories and begin eating healthy and until you’re full. This is the very best way to lose weight – absolutely all-natural and guilt free.


Paleo Diet Guide – 7 Steps To Paleo

Do you remember The Flinstones? Have you ever wondered how Fred and Barney’s wives looked so lovely compared to other female characters? Apart from this small joke, it is a fact that, in the Stone Age, our ancestors’ alimentation was much healthier than ours: their food was natural and fresh, with no chemicals and certainly it wasn’t the result of some genetic mutations this being an advantage in their favor: they used to eat healthier.

This is the assumption on which the Paleo diet is based on, a new trend which encourages people to eat modern versions of the Paleolithic food. If you want to try this diet, get ready to give up the lifestyle you had until now, forget the breakfast with cereals or your chocolate dessert and make room for Paleo healthy living. The best way to start this new lifestyle is by reading the most comprehensive book on this topic, 7 steps to Paleo, which will bring significant improvements in your digestion and the way you feel.

The advantage of 7 steps to Paleo is that it doesn’t impose what quantities of food you should eat or when to eat. Specialists say that you can eat when you are hungry but be careful at not exaggerating. Eat moderate quantities and only as much as it’s necessary for you in order to feel good. One may alternate food, play with recipes so that you don’t get bored by consuming the same products.

The Paleo or Caveman diet is based on fresh food, unprocessed and which can be found in nature. The Paleo diet recommends you eat meat such as game, grass-feed beef, poultry… Also, fish (try avoiding frozen fish), nuts (pistachio, almonds, pecan, macadamia), sea fruits (oysters, shrimp, calamary, eggs, seeds, roots, vegetables).

People who followed this lifestyle have recorded an increase of energy level also in muscular mass even though they lost weight while many admitted they didn’t do any exercise.

Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide

If you are struggling with cravings, if you want to look healthy and sexy, if you are tired of being hungry all the time and especially if you look for a long term solution then Paleo diet is your solution. In order to achieve your goal, as a personal recommendation, 7 steps to Paleo is an ebook you wish you’d have when starting eating Paleo.

Paleo Challenge 2012

So the New Year has started and we all are looking out for our New Year resolutions. We all want to bring positive changes in our lives and health stand over and above enything else. So why not take up a resolution to make our life better by making our body healthy and attractive as having a disease free body and a great physique without any stomach babies or aches is a dream which we all want to accomplish.

Time for Paleo Challenge 2012

We all know that our ancestors lived a life better than us. What was the reason? Well, their diet was the reason. The food they consumed was nutritious as well as balanced. So why don’t we shift the way our ancestors lived. Here comes the solution with Paleo challenge 2012 which is a diet plan and has got its name from the Paleolithic age which ended around 12000 years ago when there were no agricultural activities and people consumed food provided by the nature.

Paleo challenge 2012 is the best challenge to adopt this year to get in shape and that too without compromising a lot as there are good Paleo diet recipes which could make your taste buds taste some really delicious items and at the same time help you to fight against obesity. It has proven really beneficial for diabetic patients and people suffering from cardio vascular diseases. It could cure acne, myopia, diseases related to vitamin deficiency and to help you for reducing depression. The challenge is simple. You just have to keep a check on whatever you consume.

You should consume real food which consists of:

  • Meat, pork, beef, seafood, tuna
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, sweet potato, melon, pomegranate, broccoli, berries or other green leafy vegetables.
  • Seed
  • Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts
  • Eggs

You should avoid:

  • Consuming dairy products. Milk, yoghurt, cheese etc
  • Processed food. Can’t recognize? Simple, just avoid things which don’t grow or run wild.
  • Alcohol. It is not good for your health and gives you load of calories.
  • Legumes. Peanuts, peanut butter, beans, peas, lenticels
  • Grains which include bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, corn etc
  • Sugar should be avoided. Be it honey or a pie just avoid it
  • Cook with natural fats

You should not only take care of your diet but also take a good sleep of 8-10 hours which helps to give sufficient time to your body to repair itself and to keep it active for the rest the time you are awake. Do high intensity training for at least 2-3 times a week. It will burn all the unnecessary fat your body has stored.

Now the question comes is how to keep a check on whether you are following your diet plan properly or not. It just simple, keep a point system. Whenever you take a nutritious item give you a point and subtract 1 point if you consume any of the above listed foods which should have been avoided. There are many 1 or 2 months long plans which are available on many blogs or website.

You could participate in any challenge you like. People owning Paleo blogs or cross fit gyms could comment or could also email us informing about the various Paleo challenges and services they provide which would further help us to compile more information on this topic.

If you decided to go on a paleo diet / do a Paleo Challenge 2012 here’s something for you:

Let me know how you’re doing. Good luck! :)


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Starting the 30-day Paleo Challenge

When you decide to begin with 30 day paleo challenge ask for the support of your friends and family. Tell them what you’re up to and the reason! No matter if you’re doing it to lose weight or to improve your health.

Paleo Challenge

Explain the rules, logic and rationale of the paleo diet and the 30-day paleo challenge and share your success with them. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to put the complete household on the eating plan, and many of the meals you’ll be consuming through the paleo challenge are not very different from the kinds of food you ate in the past.

It’s good to include bread, rolls, potatoes with your family meals and allow them a choice of eating those food products. In the majority of public settings, unless you call it to their attention, most people won’t even realise that what you eat has changed. Until they notice your weight loss! :) … or increased energy level and improvement in overall health!

Once they see the beneficial changes you’re going through maybe they would like to join you.

Start 30-day paleo challenge today!

It’s time for a change! Now is the right time to start your 30 day paleo challenge:

Good luck!

Healthy Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Paleo Breakfast Ideas

1. Breakfast Sausage (nitrate free if possible), Pineapple, Almonds

2. Eggs (2-4), Bacon, Avocado, and one whole orange.

3. veggie scramble – (Saute in Olive Oil) Eggs scrambled with peppers, tomatoes, & onions and a side bowl of strawberries.

4. Eggs Sunny side up (olive oil), 2-4 strips of turkey bacon, 1 piece of fruit, & a handful of nuts.

5. smoked salmon, diced vegetables (zucchini, celery, spinach). 1 tsp olive oil. Saute veggies to taste.

6. 1 sirloin steak of slice of ham. 1 sliced tomato (cook as desired). 1 handful of nuts.

7. 1 bowl of chopped fruit, choose from the following – apples, strawberries, bananas, berries, oranges, etc. 1 large handful of nuts (I prefer walnuts). 4 strips of bacon, turkey bacon, or links of breakfast sausage.

8. Deli Turkey (also make a great snack), 1 piece fruit, 1 handful nuts.

No Cheating, Please

People often ask about a cheat meal or a cheat day. During the paleo challenge try to stay focused and strong! Try not to cheat!

Instead of going for a sweets when you are having cravings, reach for some fruit. If you do dall of the wagon – own up to it in your food, and no – one time off the wagon doesn’t kick you out of the challenge. But try to keep with it during the paleo challenge. Ask your friends to be supportive.

Scheduling cheat meals?

Once you have completed your paleo challenge, the occasional cheat meal is fine. If you can let it be something that happens organically (example – you are out with your friends and everyone really wants pizza and margaritas) once in a while rather than a scheduled meal or day, you will probably feal the need to cheat less.

Schedulung it can turn your mind, once open and free for thinking about other things, into an obsessive “drug addict” chet meal obsessed mentality.

When you do have the occasional non-paleo moment, don’t gorge yourself either.

Paleo Challenge Video (Rules, Recipes, Meal Plans... ) ... Play Video!